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Christoph Debelius

Christoph Debelius is a Mechanical Engineer, is a German Patent Attorney, a European Patent Attorney, and a Representative for Intellectual Property before the Office of the European Union.

Mr. Debelius is a member of the German Association of Patent Lawyers, Federal Association of German Patent Attorneys, Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office and the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys.

Specialist Areas

Mr. Debelius is a specialist in the technical fields of general mechanical engineering, thermal energy technology, and continuous-flow machines.

Mr. Debelius possesses extensive experience in all areas of intellectual property law. Mr. Debelius’ core activities include obtaining, defending and enforcing technical intellectual property rights (patents and utility models) and non-technical property intellectual rights (trademarks and designs).


Mr. Debelius studied mechanical engineering at both the Technical University of Munich and the University of Kassel, where he majored in thermal energy technology and continuous-flow machinery. During his university studies, Mr. Debelius also worked at Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH, Kassel-Calden, and at SMA Solar Technology AG in Niestetal. Mr. Debelius completed two dissertations during his university studies, the first with Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg, and the second with Siemens AG in Berlin.

In addition to his mechanical engineering studies, Mr. Debelius also completed an “Intellectual Property Protection” course with the University of Hagen in order to allow further studies towards becoming a Patent Engineer.

After completing his studies, Mr. Debelius first worked for several years as a Project Manager in the motor-damage analysis department at MTU Maintenance Hannover GmbH. Mr. Debelius began his patent career in 2010 when he commenced working for a patent law firm in Braunschweig. Mr. Debelius thereby focused on patent and trademark matters.

Mr. Debelius became an accredited Patent Attorney in the Federal Republic of Germany and a Representative for Intellectual Property before the Office of the European Union in June 2013. He started working for a patent law firm in Düsseldorf that same year. Since 2017 he is an European Patent Attorney.

Mr. Debelius began his career with KLUIN Patent in 2017.

Personal Details

Mr. Debelius was born in 1980, is married, and has two children. Mr. Debelius is fluent in both German and English, and has a basic knowledge of French.
Mr. Debelius is a member of the German Association of Patent Lawyers and the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys.

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