Main areas of activity

In the context of ever greater globalization you need more than comprehensive advice on national law. It is becoming increasingly important for you to be aware of the relevant European and international legislation. We guarantee our clients comprehensive, expert advice on both national and international law through our close collaboration with selected law firms abroad. 

Our main areas of activity are as follows:

Patent and utility model law

Industrial property rights such as patents and utility models secure the economic viability of research and development work undertaken by companies and developers. Patent law has always affected manufacturers in industry and small and medium-sized firms.


The law on employee inventions

The German law on employee inventions governs the intellectual performance of employees and the recognition thereof by employers.


Trademark law

Trademark law governs the protection of product and company brands. Because goods and services are easier than ever to compare, trademark protection has become increasingly important in recent years for economic success.


Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights

The purpose of valuing an intellectual property right is to attach a monetary value and/or a monetary range to an intellectual property right to facilitate decisions, such as for negotiation purposes.


Design law

Designing and shaping new products and their packaging is only economically viable if marketing efforts are not circumvented by counterfeiters.


Working with customs authorities

Increasing industrialization has facilitated the production of many products. However, globalization also allows counterfeiters to manufacture your products quicker and on a larger scale.