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Our Team

Henning Budde

Henning Budde is a Bachelor of Engineering, an Attorney at Law, a European Patent Attorney, and a Representative for Intellectual Property before the Office of the European Union.

Specialist Areas

Mr. Budde is a specialist in the technical fields of general mechanical engineering, two wheel technology, and hydraulics.

Mr. Budde possesses extensive experience in all areas of intellectual property law. Mr. Budde’s core activities include obtaining, defending and enforcing technical intellectual property rights (patents and utility models) and non-technical property intellectual rights (trademarks and designs).

Mr. Budde has been an accredited Attorney at Law since 2006, and has worked at Dr. Kluin’s patent law firm since 2007 (now KLUIN Patent).

Mr. Budde studied law at both the University of Augsburg and at the University of Cologne. His practical legal training took place in Wuppertal, Aachen and Hamburg, during which time Mr. Budde began his focus on the field of intellectual property rights.

Mr. Budde completed the theoretical part of his specialist legal training for intellectual property rights while at the same time studying mechanical engineering at the Technical College Südwestfalen in Iserlohn on a part-time basis. Mr. Budde graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013. Mr. Budde is thereby one of only a handful of individuals worldwide to have completed both German engineering and legal studies.

Personal Details
Mr. Budde was born in 1974, is married, and has two children. Mr. Budde is fluent in both German and English, and has a basic knowledge of French. Mr. Budde is a member of the Chamber of Attorneys Düsseldorf.