KLUIN PATENT Intellectual Property


Alina Gerisch

Alina Gerisch is a trained lawyer and notary assistant as well as a patent attorney.



Alina Gerisch is familiar with all intellectual property rights proceedings. In our office, she is responsible in particular for the registration of trademarks and designs (registered designs) at home and abroad as well as for the correspondence and support of immigration, registration, ownership and cancellation procedures at German and international level. Her tasks also include applying for and accompanying customs border seizure proceedings.



After training as a lawyer and notary assistant, Alina Gerisch completed a shortened training course as a patent attorney assistant, which she successfully completed in June 2018.


Currently Ms. Gerisch is continuing her education in a one year correspondence university course to become a Trademark Advisor.

Personal information

Alina Gerisch was born in 1993. She is proficient in German and English and has advanced basic knowledge of French.